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Introducing A Cut Above GreenScapes' Brand New Logo!

I'm thrilled to unveil their fresh, cutting-edge logo design. Their logo features a sleek lawn mower similar to the one that they will be using. It was created in a lime green color with chrome accents. They had a pretty clear idea of what they wanted their logo to look like and represent.

At A Cut Above GreenScapes, they take pride in transforming outdoor spaces into a place you can be proud of.


Get ready for some fun because the Normandy Invader Marching Band is here to get you moving! They're famous for their exciting performances and energetic vibe, making them a well-known name in the world of marching bands.

This year, I had the privilege again of doing their senior sign that perfectly captures the band's lively style. In the original design I created, I got our inspiration from the mesmerizing tie-dye pattern in the shirts they wear during their summer performances & parades.

Recent Project: Iliana's Quinceanera Invitations

When I received a message about Iliana's Quinceañera, she already had a clear vision of what she had in mind. As a designer, that's always a great starting point. She had a particular dress she wanted but in different colors. It took some time for me to track down the original artist who created the design and purchased the rights, but I eventually succeeded.

The suite consisted of the invitation, a matching response card, and printed envelopes. Iliana decided on a lovely shade of purple and wanted to incorporate some glittery accents to add that extra sparkle.

I'm wishing for her event to be everything she's ever dreamed of.

Please note that some details have been altered to protect privacy.

Please note that some details have been altered to protect privacy.

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