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Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Calling all dino enthusiasts and art lovers! 🦕🎨 Get ready for a heartwarming tale of creativity and imagination. During a recent art therapy session, my daughter had the most delightful encounter with her own personal dinosaur guardians. In just 30 seconds, she sketched these adorable little creatures, convinced they were watching over her every step of the way.

Inspired by her incredible drawings, I couldn't resist turning them into something truly special. Armed with Procreate and my iPad, I carefully traced over her original sketches, capturing every tiny detail. With a burst of artistic magic, those charming dinosaurs came to life on a digital canvas.

I took the traced artwork and transformed it into a stunning design for a dress. Imagine those delightful dinosaurs adorning a vibrant fabric, bringing joy and wonder to anyone who lays eyes on it. It's a wearable work of art, a testament to the incredible bond between creativity and self-expression.

Any fabric purchased, the money will be given to my daughter for art supplies.

Interested in purchasing this fabric can be found here:

Looking for budget-friendly and fun activities for the kids? Look no further! I stumbled upon a fantastic idea that is sure to delight your little ones. It involves using these adorable heart-shaped travel bags from the Dollar Tree – a perfect canvas for creativity and imagination!

With their pre-imprinted hearts, these bags provide a wonderful starting point for a personalized project. I quickly grabbed a few of them along with some pink and red heart-shaped stones to add an extra touch of charm.

Using my cricut, I crafted a unique travel bag for each of my kids. Knowing how much they enjoy travel games and the importance of keeping screen time in check, I decided to incorporate their favorite games into these bags. Now, whenever we have those inevitable waiting times, this is a fun thing to carry around to play during downtime.

To recreate you will need:

  • Dollar Tree Heart Muslin Bags, 3pk.

  • Dollar Tree Stones in red/pink, 4 stones of each color

  • White HTV

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

The baby shower embraced a captivating theme of black and white stripes complemented by vibrant poppy florals in shades of pinks and reds. I designed various elements to enhance the event, including an Instagram Photo Sign, Photo Booth Props, Drink Sign, and Thank You Signs. These designs added a touch of charm and ensured a cohesive and memorable experience for all attendees.

In collaboration with Shayla Hawkins Events.

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