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During an art therapy session, my daughter kept drawing these adorable little dinosaurs in a quick 30 second drawing. She said they were watching over her. After her session, I took the image into procreate and traced over them then created some simple artwork to make a dress. Once the dress arrives I will update this post to share the finished piece!

P.S. She loved the idea!

The Normandy Invader Marching Band is known to "Rock the House" and their signature tie-dye spiral shirts they wear every summer for parades are well known. We designed their senior sign to mimic the design for them this year!

I’m always looking for inexpensive things I can make the kids. One of the ideas I found was using these adorable little heart travel bags from the Dollar Tree. They already have the heart imprinted on them, so I grabbed a few and some of the heart shaped stones in pink and red.

I made one for each of my kids, they love travel games, I usually always have a deck of cards in my purse during waiting times since I do try to keep them off their electronics as much as I can.

To recreate you will need:

  • Dollar Tree Heart Muslin Bags, 3pk.

  • Dollar Tree Stones in red/pink, 4 stones of each color

  • White HTV

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