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Welcome to my little creative studio


In this little creative haven, anything can happen. one day, I might be creating a DIY masterpiece. the next, I could be whipping up an enchanting wedding invitation suite. Or perhaps you'll catch me doodling away on the back of a napkin, lost in a world of imagination. Or I may even be designing some's branding for their entire business. 

During high school, I found myself at the local career center learning how to become an office assistant. But hey, that was never my cup of tea! My teacher quickly realized that and whisked me away to a little closet down the hall. There, a small computer and desk sat with design software. I delved into the world of desktop publishing, and I eagerly soaked up every bit of software knowledge I could find.

Soon enough, I found myself competing in design competitions, crafting logos, brochures, and flyers. It all led me to the Nationals in San Antonio, TX, where I proudly clinched fourth place in their Desktop Publishing competition and the pin I designed for the State of Ohio was traded amongst all the attendees. That's when it hit me—I had discovered my calling, my dream: I was destined to be a graphic designer. 

College wasn't in the cards for me, but that didn't dampen my spirits. I embraced the school of hard knocks, diving headfirst into various jobs while teaching myself the art of design. It was the perfect fusion of my inner computer nerd and my boundless creative spirit. I devoured knowledge on composition, layout, and typography, honing my skills one pixel at a time. Over the next few years I would work as a designer at a local print shop, two newspapers and as a marketing assistant at a hotel.

Fast forward to February 1, 2009—that's when the adventure truly began. Opening my own business was like hopping onto a wild roller coaster ride. I wore all the hats—from owner to accountant, designer to salesperson, delivery person, and everything in between. It took time, patience, and a whole lot of trial and error to figure out the secret recipe for success. There were days when work overwhelmed me, and others when I anxiously wondered if the next gig would ever come. Through it all, my business went through a few name changes until I finally settled on Happy Go Lucky. Why? Because when I'm true to myself, I'm all about positivity, sunshine, and embracing the joy of life!

Oh, and did I mention I'm a super proud mom? I have the privilege of being an adoptive mom to three incredible kiddos: Christopher, Cheyenne, and Blake. My oldest just graduated and is on his way to make a career in the Military Police in the United States Army. My younger two are in middle & high school with my daughter going into the Cosmetology program and my youngest eagerly waiting to play football this year. My kids bring meaning to my existence and push me to new heights I never knew were possible. Proud mom here.

Monday - Friday

8am - 2pm

© 2022 by Happy Go Lucky and Co.

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