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As a graphic artist, my mind is a wild whirlwind, buzzing at a hundred miles per minute! I thrive on creativity and always seek out new avenues to express it. So, back in March 2021, a brilliant idea struck me like lightning. Of course, I needed my hubby's helping hands to bring it to life. Armed with my trusty iPad and procreate, I sketched out the grand vision. It was a marvelous twist on the Free Little Library concept, with a splash of Art Gallery! I wanted the best of both worlds. Now, our tiny home may not be on a bustling street, but I was determined to inject a dose of creativity and fun into our little neighborhood.

I had this dream of completing it by Mother's Day. Unfortunately, with a husband who's always jetting off for work, time slipped away from us. Finally, during the Christmas Break, he brought the project indoors, ready to tackle it. We made use of recycled materials as much as possible, but we did have to grab a few items, like posts and concrete, to finish it up.

To showcase the ever-evolving art within, I set up Instagram and Facebook pages. But here's the twist—when people swing by, they can take a book or a piece of art and leave behind their own creative gems. To get things started, we've already contributed a few masterpieces ourselves. It's an exhilarating exchange that I hope sparks incredible interactions! The maximum size for the artwork is a cozy 4" x 6", and any medium is welcome. You'll find a bunch of adorable easels and tiny art enthusiasts exploring the gallery, adding to its whimsical charm.

Beneath it all lies a whimsical fairy garden, with tiny little delightful surprises. Each nook and cranny unveils a miniature world—a cozy camping site, a charming bakery, an ice cream shop where dreams come true. It's a world where imagination runs wild, and it makes my heart so happy watching little ones come by and point out the things they find. You may even find a few disney characters hidden in there too amongst all the gnomes.

We've had well over 100 pieces of art work come through, and tons of books! On the other side it changes from time to time, we've had a food pantry, seeds to plant, hot wheel car garage and for the month of May a area advocating for mental health awareness which featured things like calm strips, stickers, paint & watercolors and even fidget toys.

Monday - Friday

8am - 2pm

© 2022 by Happy Go Lucky and Co.

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