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Recent Project: Collaborating with Nicole and her team at Alpha Phi at Alabama University was awesome. If you're familiar with the #bamarush videos on TikTok or have seen any documentaries, this project was for the Bid Rush.

What is #bamarush? Bama Rush is the informal name for the recruitment process at the University of Alabama, where students hope to secure a bid from the participating sorority of their choosing after a series of "rush" events.

My task for this project involved designing three distinct banners to complement their themed events. The initial banner captured the essence of "Ivy League," followed by a design inspired by the "Space Jam" logo, and culminated with an energetic 80s theme banner titled "Girls Just Wanna Go Greek."

When I opened up my TikTok and Instagram I was blown away by how awesome their dances were, and what a great job they did putting everything together.

All Photos & Videos are from Alpha Phi on Tiktok/Instagram

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