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Bowling Party

Get ready to strike a pose and roll into fun as we celebrate Kim's fabulous 50th birthday bash at the Bowling Alley! 🎳✨

From the moment you receive the invitation, you'll know this is going to be a celebration like no other. We designed the invitations to capture the excitement of having fun at the bowling alley, complete with vibrant colors and a touch of retro flair.

We added a dash of pizzazz with custom-made stickers, banners & signage letting everyone know whose special day it was. Everyone in attendance was excited to lace up their shoes, grab their ball, and were ready to cheer on Kim as she entered this new chapter in her life. With every strike, spare and gutter ball they celebrated their friendship, laughter, and joy of growing older gracefully.

This project was in partnership with Shayla Hawkins Events.

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